5 Reasons To Discuss Art With Kids


Okay, so they don’t play well in fancy museums, and they’re more interested in using art books to build forts than they are in reading them. They love to colour outside the lines, and they include new ways to mess up their room in their definition of creativity. Don’t be fooled, though! There are rich, captivating discussions to be had with your children about art, and diving in can yield a whole lot of benefits.

Here are 5 big reasons why children should be encouraged to talk about art :

  • It’s really important to teach them the difference between liking something and appreciating it. A piece of art might not be their favourite, but they can still see the effort that went into it, the techniques used, and the effect it has on an audience. All of this leads to a better appreciation of alternate viewpoints, even those that don’t match our own.
  • Talking about art is more accessible than one would think. Even a small child can discuss colour, shape, lines, and emotions involved in art. They’re often keen to learn about the person who made the art too.
  • Talking about art often leads to making art, which in turn leads to better communication skills, creativity, and improved mental health. For some kids, it’s the only way they feel truly able to express themselves.
  • Talking about art helps children understand what it means to be human. We’ve been painting, sculpting, building, dancing, singing, and storytelling as long as we’ve been people. It’s also fascinating to think about animals who seem to make art as well.
  • They like it! Kids were born to doodle, wiggle, hum and spin a good tale. Why not meet them at a place that’s familiar and interesting?

And what kind of questions might spark interest in a little thinker? Well…

  • Can you make art by accident, or is it something you have to try to do? What’s the difference between spilling a blob of paint on the floor, and putting it on paper with a brush?
  • Why is some art famous, and some isn’t? Does being famous make art good?
  • Could a robot or your dog make art? Is art just for humans?
  • Does nature make art? Is it better or worse than the art that humans make?
  • Can things we use every day, like food or clothing, also be art?
  • Can you make an exact copy of a piece of

If you’ve never considered yourself an art fan, seeing through the eyes of a child can be a wonderful way in. Even if you’re a seasoned critic, you’ll find new and amazing insights through discussing it with a young mind.