A Little Thinker’s Activity for Lunar New Year

Happy year of the rooster, everyone! Holidays are a great time to ask big questions of little thinkers, and to celebrate the coming of the lunar new year, we’ve come up with some suggestions. There are so many amazing materials out there that explain this festive time of year, as well as the significance of the animals that are associated with it. Give this a try:

  • Each zodiac animal is associated with particular traits or values. Have your little thinker draw a picture of each (Woohoo! Art project!), and then write one or two of their values beneath the drawing. Discuss what each actually means (ex. How do you know if someone is courageous, resourceful or loyal). You can even ask your child which traits they feel are the most important. Don’t forget to ask why!
  • Take the discussion one step further and have your child come up with a big question that each of the animals might ask. Even if they don’t necessarily match the animal’s symbolism, you’ll still be starting the new year with a list of twelve big questions to discuss.

Gong si fat choi! We hope the coming year is healthy, happy and prosperous, all around.