A Note About Our Contest

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Well, there’s a little bit of bad news about our “I Was Wondering” contest. In light of all the school and event closures due to COVID19, we’ve decided to cancel it. The safety of learners and educators (both formal and informal) is of the greatest importance, and we hope everyone stays happy and healthy.

The good news is that all of the videos and resources surrounding the contest are still available and free for anyone to use. In addition, two of our apps, ThinkAboutIt1 and Wiseland, are also free to try.  If you’ve got kids at home for the next few weeks, and you need to keep them busy and thinking, we’ve got your back. There will still be new videos posted every week, and we’ll be launching a new app soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

We want to thank everyone who registered for and provided support for the contest. We still think it’s an amazing opportunity to get thousands of young thinkers in on conversations about big questions. As soon as circumstances permit, we’ll revisit.

Be well, little (and big) thinkers, and take good care of one another!