A Small Favour


You’ve heard of Kickstarter, right? You’ve read about successful campaigns that helped some unique projects and products get off the ground. You’ve heard about people with passion and vision using crowdfunding to follow through on their mission. Well, we’re passionate, we’ve got vision, and we’ve got a project underway that we think is really special. We’ll be launching our own Kickstarter initiative in the very near future, and we’d like your help.

If you haven’t yet downloaded our Wiseland app, well, you should (it’s actually free to try). It’s packed with cartoons, games and creative activities that nurture a child’s drive to ask “Why?” Through Kickstarter, we’ll be asking for help to develop even more great content for this app, so that we help more kids play with more big questions, and become even more empowered as thinkers.

There will be lots of fun goodies to choose from as thank you gifts, but we know you’ll also feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you’re supporting a movement to help kids think their way through the 21st century. We really can’t have too many great thinkers around.

Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement when the campaign kicks off. If you can contribute funds, that’s great. Every little bit is welcome and appreciated. You can also help by downloading the app, and sharing with both it and our Kickstarter page with other kids, parents, teachers, and big thinkers. Sharing is caring, right?

Stay tuned, and from the bottom of our little philosopher’s hearts, thank you!  See you in Wiseland!