An Action-Packed Week!


For many of us in Canada, Monday was Family Day! Whether you stayed in and played, or ventured out on a family excursion, we hope you had fun, and started some great conversations together. If you didn’t get a chance to check out our featured free lesson plan this week, it’s all about deciding whether everyone in a family (or class or community) should follow the same rules. Pretty interesting, huh?

This past Wednesday was the first ever Read Canadian Day, which was also an exciting and momentous day for the Great White North, especially those of us who are in the book biz. Let us say, once again, thank you to our community of young readers/thinkers for their support, and their great big questions! Canada is an amazing place to be for readers, writers and publishers alike!

Today is the World Day of Social Justice, another topic that’s near and dear to our hearts as critical thinkers. In honour of this, and Black History Month, our Famous Brain of the Week is Malcolm X, an amazing thinker who worked tirelessly to defend human rights, and who was a pretty interesting person all around. You can find out more about him in this week’s YouTube video.

Just a reminder that our I Was Wondering contest is open for submissions until March 31, 2020. If you’re a teacher, community group leader, or extracurricular activity organizer, we want to hear from you and your intrepid band of little thinkers! It’s free to enter, the prizes are stupendous (thanks to Pitsco Education), and developing thinking skills has never been this much fun!

And the week is not over yet! Saturday is World Thinking Day, and it’s not hard to imagine what that means to us. We’ll be raising a glass of apple juice to all the amazing little thinkers out there, as well as the adults who support them. If you’d like to get a great conversation going with a child, check out our free interactive eBook, “Let The Thinking Begin!


Our founder, Amy Leask, will be presenting on Saturday at the first ever WriteON Con, a 100% online conference for children’s writers! Amy will have post and be available for a chat from 10-11 am (EST) this Saturday, and will be discussing ways to make children’s literature more interactive.

The common theme for the week? We think it’s all about coming together, unity, and support for the next generation of thinkers. Pretty good reasons to celebrate, right?

Stay tuned for more adventures and momentous occasions in the coming weeks!