Big Questions About Holiday Music


Been caroling lately? Blasting fun holiday tunes while you get set for the upcoming festivities? Finding yourself humming a classic? Music is such a huge (and wonderful) part of celebrations this time of year, and it’s also a perfect opportunity to chat about some big questions with your little thinker.

Here are a handful of suggestions for musical merriment:

  • Choose your child’s favourite holiday tune and re-write the lyrics using a big question, and a bunch of answers.
  • Compare a song that they think is really good with one they think is not so good. What’s the difference between good and bad music?
  • Take out some pots and pans, a couple of wooden spoons, and let your wee maestro go wild for a few minutes. Are the sounds they’re making music, or just noise? What’s the difference?
  • Do some research into the artist who sings a favourite holiday song, as well as the one who wrote it and the one who played the instruments for it. Who should get the credit for creating the song?

Sing an old favourite, a new popular tune, or create something of your own. Then see what big ideas your child has about music in general.

Happy Holidays, thinkers big and small!