Famous Brain of the Week: Anna J. Cooper

Today is Human Rights Day, which is a pretty important occasion for thinkers big and small. It may seem like a big thing to discuss with a youngster, but really, it’s something they think about all the time. Ideas like power, fairness, and equality zip through their little minds more often than we know, and they wonder why some people get to do some things, while others don’t.

In the spirit of this, we’ve chosen Anna J. Cooper as our Famous Brain of the Week. Anna was a tireless defender of human rights, and accomplished some remarkable feats in her lifetime, including being one of the first African American women to earn a degree.

Grab a seat next to your kid, and share this week’s video. We think it’ll spark some pretty amazing conversation, and you’ll be delighted with how much they’re already considering big, important questions.

Happy thinking!