Happy World Philosophy Day!


Yes, it’s that time of year again, when we celebrate big questions and everyone who pursues them (young and old)! As is the case with all celebrations and holidays, this year has made things a little different. Thinkers of all ages are taking a closer look at life in general, noting what has changed, and dreaming up different versions of “the new normal”. There has never, in recent memory, been a greater need for philosophical thinking, especially for children. We all need reason and curiosity to help us meet the challenges that lie ahead, and to allow us to thrive in whatever comes next.

We’ve never been happier and more ready to help parents and teachers engage the eager wee minds around them in conversation. It’s been a crazy, but busy year for Red T too, and we see World Philosophy Day this year as an opportunity to reach out to anyone who’s always wanted to embrace their inner philosopher, but didn’t think philosophy was accessible or applicable. Philosophy really is for everyone!

Here are some of the many resources we have available:

  • Our recently launched Wall of Wonder (or WOW)! This learning portal is free to join, and is packed with videos, interactive activities, games, crafts, puzzles, and lesson plans. We’ll be adding even more in the months to come!
  • Our YouTube channel! Have you checked out our I Was Wondering series, or our I Have A Question story time pieces?
  • We’ve got a whole bunch of apps (some of them are even free)! They’re screen time parents can feel good about. Load up your devices and keep little minds buzzing over the holidays!
  • We’ve also got award-winning books for kids of all ages, all of which encourage big questions, and all of which are perfect for a cuddle-up on the couch during chilly winter months. They make marvelous stocking stuffers too!
  • Speaking of books, we’re excited to launch our latest volume, “Mildred Builds A World“, just in time for World Philosophy Day! It’s a story about a kid who sees all, gets things done, and decides to build the perfect world she seeks. See below for a sneak peek at the cover. We know you’ll be as charmed and inspired by Mildred as we are.


Happy World Philosophy Day, thinkers big and small! We don’t know what comes next in our current circumstances, but we do know that you’ll meet it head on with keen, questioning minds!