“Hey, I’m a Story!” Gets a New Chapter

Hey I'm story BookWriting our books and apps is a whole lot of fun, but getting positive feedback is even more fun! Nothing thrills us more than finding out that something we’ve produced has tickled someone’s funny bone and sparked an interesting thought.

We’re pretty stoked to announce that our book “Hey, I’m A Story” was a finalist in the International Book Awards, in the Children’s Softcover Non-fiction category.

“Story” is about the way people love to tell stories, and have loved telling stories for as long as they’ve been human. It’s about the cool things we’ve invented to help us share ideas, and where we’re likely to go in the future.

If you haven’t already checked it out, it’s available on Amazon, as well as in nifty eBook format on the App Store.

Congrats to the amazing, creative team who put this book together!

Hey I'm A Story background for app