Hooray For Young Philosophy Geeks!

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Happy Geek Pride Day, everyone! You may have noticed that the word geek has changed a fair bit over the years. What once was a slight has become more of a badge of honour. Geeks innovate. Geeks disrupt. Geeks instigate change. What’s even more wonderful is that there is there’s a geekdom for pretty much an interest or aptitude, and parents are encouraging their young thinkers to follow their interests.

Here are a handful of good reasons why wee philosophy geeks should be nurtured:

  1. Most kids are wired to ask questions, even big, difficult ones. This is a brand of geekiness that builds on their natural inclinations.
  2. Philosophy itself covers a whole lot of territory, as far as subject matter goes. Got a budding environmental geek? Math geek? Techie? Art geek? It’s all in there.
  3. Philosophy has a pretty long history, and because of this, it provides a plethora of geeky role models for children to look up to. Philosophers are men and women, from all over the world with diverse backgrounds.
  4. Philosophy teaches pint-sized geeks mad skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. It also encourages character development, supports diversity, and enables children to deal with conflict and stress.

Membership definitely has its privileges in the philosophy geekdom. Young philosophy geeks everywhere (and your respective grown-ups), present and future, we salute you!