I Was Wondering…About Curiosity!

sophia in jungle

Yup, our theme of the week is curiosity, and all of the wonderful places our curious minds can take us!

If you’re looking for something fun and enriching to do with the buzzing, eager minds in your classroom, check out this week’s free featured lesson plan, “Our Thinking Community“.

Next, check out our Famous Brain of the Week, Avicenna, who was curious about pretty much everything! Seriously, you should see this guy’s to do list.

You can also tap into a kid’s curiosity with our “I Was Wondering…” contest, which has been extended to March 31, 2020!

Give your little thinkers’ curiosity an even bigger boost by sharing with them our latest episode of “I Was Wondering…”, starring (drum roll please) world explorer George Kourounis! George’s curiosity has taken him on adventures all over the world, inside volcanoes, around glaciers, through caves, and even on the trail of tornadoes!