I Was Wondering…About Fairness in Sports, With Adam van Koeverden

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Introducing… our new YouTube series for little thinkers! We call it “I Was Wondering…” and each episode features a different big thinker, and a different set of big questions. And of course, a curious kid interviewer!

Our first episode features Adam van Koeverden, who is a world champion and Olympic medalist in kayaking, and who knows a thing or two about the wacky, wild world of sports. What do you ask an athlete like Adam? Well, how about questions like:

  • What does fairness look like in sports?
  • What do you do if someone isn’t playing fair?
  • Is it possible for there to be too much fairness in a sport?

Pretty cool, huh? Watch it with your little thinker, or if you’re a teacher, a whole bunch of little thinkers, and watch the conversation around fairness blossom!

We’ll be releasing a new episode every other week this fall, so stay tuned! We’ll be chatting with a scientist about truth, a mayor about leadership, a deputy fire chief about gender roles, a fashion designer about art and beauty, and a best-selling author and human rights activist about courage.

Stay tuned, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!