I Was Wondering…About Leadership, With Milton Mayor Gord Krantz!

Politics tends to be one of those things we think of as taboo with children. Current events seem a little heavy for young minds, and let’s be honest, we don’t always fully understand them ourselves. However, leadership, power, fairness, and decision-making are such important topics, and believe it or not, children take to discussion about them with ease and confidence. These are ideas that affect them at school, one the playground, in extracurricular activities, and in their day to day activities at home.

So, why not start a conversation about them? Here’s a place to start. We’re proud to present episode 3 in our “I Was Wondering” Youtube series for kids.

Watch as Ruby, our kid thinker, has a chat with Mayor Gord Krantz, who has been leading Milton, Ontario for decades (in fact, he’s the longest-serving mayor in the province). When the video ends, keep the conversation going with your little thinker! You may just have the next great leader sitting on the couch beside you!