Just In Time for the Holidays: Big Questions About Imagination!

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Is there any better time to talk about imagination? The streets are lit with twinkling lights, we snack on sweet treats dusted with sparkly sprinkles, and conversation turns, over and over again, to dreams and magic. So, this week, we’re focusing on that wonderful part of our brain that allows us to make-believe, go anywhere we want, and think really, really big.

Please check out this week’s free lesson plan, that focuses on the difference between real and imaginary, but also explores the importance of letting our minds run wild a little bit.

We’re also thrilled to release episode 7 of “I Was Wondering”, our YouTube series for curious kids. Of course, it is also all about the beauty of imagination, and features best-selling fantasy writer, Kelley Armstrong. Kelley has so many thought-provoking things to say about looking beyond everyday reality, and even comments on the importance of using our imagination to live better in the real world.

Happy imagining, little (and big) thinkers!