Making the Most of Summer Screen Time


Summer is in full swing, and all the summer plans we came up with for our kids are now in action! As the dog days of summer approach, some parents find themselves running out of fun ideas. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to brainstorm endless enriching and engaging activities for young brains on vacation.

This is when we turn to screen time to help us out, and that might be okay.There are ways to make the most of screen time, especially in the home stretch before school begins again. Here are some suggestions to make sure it’s screen time well-spent:

Ask your kids what they want to learn, and what interests them, and choose apps, games and videos that focus on that subject. This will help reduce aimless surfing on the web, and yes, whatever sparks their curiosity, there is probably an app for that!
Find online activities and materials that have an IRL (in-real-life) component. Can it serve as inspiration for crafts, a hike through the park, or a trip to a local museum? Does it remind them of a favourite story? Even when the screen is off, there’s often more to do!
Encourage your kids to act as critics for the games, apps and videos they use. They can rate them, explain why they’re interesting, and even write mini-articles on their best features!
Get them to make their own online content, even if it’s a paper plan or a discussion of what they’d do if they could be a producer. Yup, there are even toys and apps that help kids make their own content.

Remember, it’s okay if you’ve reached that point in the summer where you need a little help from your electronic friends! With a little bit of creativity, you’ll be able to make sure that this time is still well-spent.