New Stuff!

I love the smell of new books and apps in the morning!

We’ve been busy little bees this fall, and we’re proud to announce not just one, but two new releases!

On the book side, we’ve got “Hey, I’m A Story!” This whimsical little piece explores the history of media and storytelling, all under the watchful eye of Story itself. Media studies have never been this cute or this amusing! An interactive eBook version is coming soon!


On the app side, we’re proud to announce the re-launch of “According to Phil: A Young Thinker’s Guide to Robots”. It’s not just your average eBook anymore! There are now interactive activities to engage budding engineers and programmers. It’s available on both The App Store and Google Play.


While you’re at it, check out the new and improved version of “Let the Thinking Begin!” which has also been souped-up with new and exciting interactive elements. It’s also available on The App Store and Google Play.


And we’re not even finished! There’s so much more on our list for the coming months. Stay tuned!