Philosophy and Summer Road Trips With Kids


Got a summer road trip planned this month? Are you packed and ready to go? Are you ready to hear the words “Are we there yet?” Your destination is going to be a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s not as much fun to get there.  Why not pass the time with a couple of games to keep your kid’s minds buzzing? Here are a few to try:

The BIGGEST Question

  • Everyone in the car gets a chance to ask a “why” question so big that they stump everyone else. You win if no one can come up with an answer or reasonable response in ten seconds.
  • If no one is able to come up with a big enough question, play another round! If two or more players ask a big question, continue to ask the biggest questions until one player has stumped everyone else!
  • The reward: the winner gets to choose the next three songs in the car.

A Trio of Thoughts

  • Choose a big question (one from the previous game will work). See if your kids can come up with at least three different answers to it. If they can find answers that defend both sides of an argument, even better.
  • Make sure everyone gets a turn to speak, and that they always explain the “why” behind their thoughts!
  • The reward: The winner gets first dibs on the snacks in the car or when you make a stop.

Each game will last around five to ten minutes, but the best part about these games is that the conversation will circle back later on during the journey. The more times you play the game, the more potential conversations that will pop up. Some may even come up when you reach your destination!

So buckle your seatbelt and fuel up, it’s going to be a thoughtful ride!

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