Philosophy for Kids, in Action!

We’d like to give a great big thank you to Martin Street School in Milton, Ontario, and to their amazing librarian, Mrs. Webber! We spent a day there this week, chatting with grade twos and threes about the media, and how we can use big questions to really understand the information we receive from it.

Here are some of the big questions these students asked:

  1. Who makes media and why do they make it this way or that way?
  2. What information is there, and what is missing or incomplete?
  3. Why does information sound so different, depending on who gives it?
  4. Why is it important to ask “Why?”
It says it's waterproof, but it doesn't say it's expensive!
It says it’s waterproof, but it doesn’t say it’s expensive!

A waterproof computer (but it doesn't say how expensive it is). Do movie makers deceive us by using green screens? Hmm…

It says it's magic dust, but really it's just regular glitter.
It says it’s magic dust, but really it’s just regular glitter. Pretty good metaphor, non? 
Show me your skeptical face!
Show me your skeptical face!