Get Wise!


What’s the best way for a kid to develop bigger thinking skills? By playing, of course!
Get Wise is a collection of mini-games and activities for 3D explorers, board gamers, designers, puzzlers, doodlers, and writers, ages 7 and up. While hanging out with Sophia the Wise and her robot sidekick, Phil, players learn to think critically, communicate big ideas, ask questions, and to be creative. Is your kid ready to learn how to think, and not just what to think? Our new App is available now for iOS and android devices!

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Asking big questions has never been this much fun! Explore, create, and play your way to wisdom!
In this app, explore big questions with Sophia and Phil in animated shorts, an interactive 3D world, mini games, and creative journal tools to capture big ideas. Try out the first Big Question for free in our app.

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Each big question in Wiseland features an animated series that presents big questions, and allows young viewers to explore several different answers. Laugh and play your way through a thinking adventure with Sophia and Phil! You can watch the first episode through the link below.

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