Prevent Summer Brain Drain!

If you’re reading this, summer vacation has begun, and your little thinker is on hiatus. There will be tree-climbing, spash-padding, and frozen treats. Every kid deserves a little down time, right? Absolutely, but even amidst all the warm-weather merriment, there are ways to keep your kids in thinking shape. With a little luck, they won’t even know they’re still learning.

  • If your kids are outdoorsy (and who isn’t during summer months), do some nature-based role-play. for every critter or plant they find in their travels, ask them to imagine what it might like to be another organism. Let this lead into a discussion about the differences (and similarities) between humans and non-humans.
  • While enjoying treats from the ice cream truck, ask your kids what it would be like if frozen goodies were made from broccoli. While they’re wrinkling up their noses, ask them why we think some things are delicious and some things are disgusting. What’s the difference?
  • Summer seems to fly by quickly, and not just because the days are longer. Chat about why time seems to go faster at some points, and slower at others.

When you get to the point of the summer (or of the week, or of the day) when you need to resort to screen time to keep your little thinker busy, don’t sweat it. There are lots of great apps out there that are fun and entertaining, but that keep the brain ticking.

Happy summer, everyone! May yours be filled with big fun and big questions.