Thank you 2019, and Look out 2020!


What a wonderful year of big questions it’s been for us here at Red T! While we’re looking forward to all sorts of new adventures in 2020 (and beyond), we can’t forget to take a bit of time to reflect on all the things that have happened in 2019.

New Stuff!

  • Our first audiobook was also released this year. Check out “Let the Thinking Begin!” from our “ThinkAboutIt” series.
  • In May, we launched our newest book, “If You Met A Yeti…”, and soon after, there was an innovative interactive eBook version.
  • We loaded up our Teach page with all kinds of new free resources for educators and parents.
  • We were thrilled to release our YouTube series, “I Was Wondering…”, which features all interviews with all kinds of fascinating adults. More episodes are coming in 2020!



  • We were delighted to be part of Culture Days in Milton again this year, and had the opportunity to meet thinkers of all ages through our Ask A Philosopher Booth, and our creative writing workshop.
  • We also kicked off a series of children’s Big Questions workshops at the Milton Public Library. There are two more scheduled for 2020!

Conferences and Events!

A Contest!

  • We’re closing out 2019 with a contest for teachers, home school parents, community group leaders and extra-curricular organizers.
  • The deadline isn’t until January, 2020, so there’s still time to sign up!

Over the pasts twelve months, we’ve been delighted to meet so many amazing young thinkers, and it’s been our pleasure to create materials for them, their parents, and their teachers. Thank you to our team of creative minds, to our very supportive community, and to everyone who reads, watches, and plays with our stuff.

Happy holidays to everyone, and we wish you a healthy, joyful, and question-filled new year!