Walk To Talk Philosophy With Your Kids? Take Cues From Your Favourite Comedian!

We’ve always been proponents of the idea that philosophy (especially for kids) can be found a variety of difference sources. Great conversations can spring from books, cartoons, sports, toys, advertisements, and much, much more. One very enjoyable source of philosophy for grown-ups is comedy, especially the sketch and stand-up varieties. True, the language can be a little adult for wee philosophers, but there’s nothing to say that parents and teachers can’t find unique (and funny) perspectives on big questions, and that they can’t use these perspectives as springboards for philosophy with their kids.

Think about it. Comedians are constantly asking things like:

  • Why do we think about things this way?
  • How do we know this is true?
  • Don’t you think it’s funny that humans are always…?
  • What’s up with that?

Don’t let the jokes fool you. Comedians ask all kinds of big questions, and the fact that they get us to laugh about them means that we’re more likely to be receptive to digging a little deeper into difficult subjects. If it works with a big person, it’ll work with a little person too.

Here’s one to get you started (and it’s pretty kid-friendly too):