Welcome to Our Wall of Wonder!


It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our new learning portal for kid thinkers! Whether your kids are learning at home, or you’d just like something fun to supplement what they learn at school, our Wall of Wonder provides fun, free learning resources that bolster critical thinking and social-emotional learning.

Here’s what you’ll find: 

  • accessible, immersive, and engaging ways to explore ideas like fairness, equality, truth, and yes, even robots
  • learning modules organized by big question, so your child can jump right into whatever interests them
  • edutaining videos, including interviews, fun facts, animated shorts, and story readings
  • interactive activities that give big questions real-world applications
  • places to record and try out their own ideas
  • printable puzzles and paper crafts
  • curriculum-connected lesson plans and teacher/parent guides, to keep the conversation going, even when the devices get turned off

Phil01We’ll be adding additional questions continually this fall and winter, so there will be a steady stream of new big questions to try.

To sign up, visit our Learn page, and you’ll be zipped over to a login site. Create an account for your child, and let them start exploring!

It’s a bit of a weird time to learn, teach and parent right now, but we’re here to help. We hope these free resources keep the wheels turning, so that little thinkers come out the other side even more in love with big ideas, and with a new set of thinking tools to help them thrive in whatever comes next!


Please enjoy, and keep coming back to see what’s new! 

Let the thinking begin!