Who Wants to Be a Hero? Wait, What Is A Hero, Anyway?


We’re over-the-moon excited to present the latest goodie for our Wiseland app for little thinkers! In addition to big questions about fairness and being human, users can now explore what makes a hero. As always, there’s an animated short with multiple endings, a 3D explorer game, a mini-game, a famous thinker, creative tools, and a live action video! As always, it features our intrepid explorers of ideas, Sophia and Phil, with a cool new friend (hint: he barks and drools). Gotta say, Sophia looks pretty slick in a cape.

If you haven’t yet tried Wiseland, it’s available for both iOS and Android devices, and the first big question is free to try!

So, what’s next? Well, we’re currently cooking up a second app that helps young thinkers develop thinking skills, and just like Wiseland, it’ll be packed with fun games and activities. Watch for it this summer!

We’ll also be launching a crowdfunding campaign this summer so that we can keep loading Wiseland up with even more adventures and activities. If you’re a fan of little thinkers with big questions, please lend your support. You’ll be part of something that helps take a stand against fake news, alternative facts, and that promotes critical thinking and communication. Yeah, we’ll be offering some pretty cool SWAG as a thank you as well.

Hey, did we mention that we’re on Instagram now? Follow us for sneak peeks behind the scenes!

See you all in Wiseland!