Why 2020 Was The Perfect Year To Release Our New Book

What can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? It was a year of surprises. It was a year of putting things on hold. It was a year of watching and waiting. It was a year of getting used to change, and learning to do things in very different ways.

If none of these things sound conducive to creativity and productivity, well, they aren’t. They’re more indicative of a holding pattern than a launch. Nonetheless, in the middle of the weirdest, most disruptive year most of us can remember, we decided it was time to put out a new book.

No, we’re not bonkers, we just had the happened to have the right book waiting in the wings.

“Mildred Builds A World” is about a young thinker who is perceptive. She sees not only the magic and marvelousness in the world, but also all the things that need to be fixed, the work that needs to be done. She sees how things could be better. So she decides to build her own world, with her own two hands, and her own thoughts about what’s important, and what everyone in the world will need. Along the way, she thinks about her own place in the world, and about her responsibilities to others.

“Mildred” is about rebuilding, about connection, and about empowering a child to help with both.

You can see why this book came out of this year. It just seemed like the right time.

Mildred is currently making appearances in book form, but very soon, she’ll also be an interactive ebook, and soon after that, there will also be learning materials to go along with her. We hope you’re as fond of this thoughtful, sensitive, and productive character as we are. We hope she sparks many wonderful conversations over the holidays, and maybe even inspires your little thinker to contribute to our “new normal” in 2021.

Happy reading!