Yes, There Are Famous Female Philosophers.

In philosophy, as in a number of other subjects, there’s a distinct lack of women included in the history books. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. We’re on a mission to make philosophy more inclusive. It’s why we chose to have a little girl as our narrator in the ThinkAboutIt series, as well as in our games and apps. It’s also why we feature famous female philosophers in the same book series, and why we’re always on the lookout for female “Thinkers of the Week”. We want both little girls and little boys to know that big questions are part of what makes us human, and that philosophical dialogue is for everyone.

It’s Women’s Equality Day! Talk about why we see girls and boys as different, why seeing people as equal brings benefits, and definitely introduce your little thinker to the many female minds of philosophy.  They’re out there, and they’re amazing. You just have to look.